Chesty Morgan In "Deadly weapons" & "Double Agent 73"
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Deadly weapons

Staring Chesty Morgan(aka Zsa Zsa),Harry Reeves( aka Harry Reems,yes that porn star of the '70's) & Greg Reynolds

Directed by Doris Wishman

See the mob get busted ..Seeing is believing! 73-32-36

"Deadly weapons" is the first in a trilogy of films directed by Doris Wishman in which Chesty only stared in two. The difficult yet irrestiable Chesty stars as Crystal who's husband Larry gets gunned down by the mob. Before his death Larry gave Crystal a book containing very important information that she is to protect at all cost.
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Crystal heads for Las Vegas to track down the mob that killed her husband and goes undercover as a stripper at a local club. Crystal with her enormous "Deadly Weapons" takes revenge on her husbands hitmen in her platform shoes and blonde wig.

This movie was a big underground hit in 1973 and gave writer/director Doris Wishman reason to present another Chesty flick to the screen the same year...

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Play Ask Chesty!! she's bigger than the magic 8 ball

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Staring Chesty Morgan,Frank Silvano & Jill Harris

Directed by Doris Wishman

In this film Chesty stars as Jane who's vacation at a nudist camp is interupted via phone call to assist in a secret mission to bust a heroin ring. Jane's mission require's that they implant a hidden camera guessed of her gigantic boobs..Snap and Flash, Jane's breast not only take great pictures but knock the hell out anyone that dare. See Chesty in her hot pants and in all her glory as she seduces and eliminates the bad guys.
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This film didn't do as well as "Weapons" but had enough to make Wishman write and direct "The Immoral Three" Though unfortunatly Chesty didn't star in this film ,in the begining of the flim there's a scene with some actress that's a bad double of Chesty with half the boob size. This film introduces Janes three daughters we never knew she had...these three girls are like Charlies Angles on acid. In this film Janes daughters seek out revenge on their mother's killers. When watching "The immoral three" all i could think of, where was Chesty!!! "Immortal Three" does not compare to "Deadly Weapons" and "Double Agent 73", but is worth a view as well..Chesty is a legend in sleaze explotation movies and is the underground marilyn monroe of the 70's. If you never checked out either of the two movies you don't know what you are missing. Sit back and enjoy,as you take a trip back in time with the one...i mean "the big two" of a kind Chesty Morgan!
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