Starring: Rene Bond, John Tull, Debbie Osborne and Pamella Princess.

Directed By: Bethel G. Buckalew.

A Family That Plays Together...Stays Together..
Heard The One About The Traveling Salesman Who Came To Dinner and Had The Farmer's Daughters For Dessert?

DVD Information:
Image Entertainment - Aspect Ratio Full Frame - Dolby Digital mono - Theatrical Trailers - Country-Style Barry Mahon Short Subject #1: Naked Moonshine - Country-Style Coin Drop-Arcade-Loop Short Subject #2: Harriot's Chariot - Country-Style Coin Drop-Arcade-Loop Short Subject #3: Forever Angler - Gallery of Harry Novak Exploitation Art with Rare Radio Spot Rarities - Harry Novak Gallery of Exploitation Photos.
Rattings: Movie "Country Cuzzins"=
Movie "Midnight Plowboy"=
Rattings: Movie= Extras=

Come and join in this Barnyard Blast and see what happens when Country Hicks meet City Chicks. Leading the cast in this soft core romp is legendary sex film starlet Rene Bond who stars as the Bubblin' Billie Jo. Grandma Peabody gathers the clan together for a ho-down reunion before she kicks the bucket. This family reunion even includes Cousin Prudence, their rich relative from the city.
At first Prudence is to uppity to get down and dirty with the clan, but after a slug of some homemade moonshine, she lets her hair hang down and she joins in the fun. It's not long before Prudence is winning the chicken chasing contest as the family makes her feel right at home.
In a drunk stupor Prudence invites the hillbilly gang for a party at her home in L.A.
When Prudence arrives back home she cannot believe that she actually invited them. Along with her snotty friend, they decide to make the most of it and decide to have all of their guests dress up like hillbilly's. Soon after the clan arrives. Suddenly everyone is getting naked and joining in the festivities. Her rich snotty friends begin dancing to country music and begin playing, ”Look and Touch” like they were raised in a barn.
A funny sexploitation flick produced by the great Harry Novak. Where else can you get a mix of moonshine, sex and fun all rolled into one.
Audio Clip.
and don't miss the laugh a riot second feature...




Starring: John Tull, Nan Cee, Jack Richesin, Terri Johnson and Debbie Osborne.

Directed By: Bethel G. Buckalew.

Meet The Original Hollywood Hillbilly.
As He Plows the Fertile Fields of Sirens and Starlets in a Non-Stop Search for the Most Willing Woman in the World!
Following the horse trails of "Midnight Cowboy" meet Junior, the Plowboy.
A country boy who heads to Hollywood where he ends up living in a house full of prostitutes. Along his journey on the way to the big city, he meets woman who finds him irresistible and she can't seem to keep their hands off him. Hitchhiking down a country road he is picked up a very horny woman and her husband. They agree to give him a lift in more ways than one as the sexy young blond jumps in the back seat of the car with junior as her husband watches with amusement. Next stop, he meets two peace loving hippies who suggest that he can stay with his sister who has a house in the city. Once there Junior soon realizes that this is a house full of woman and they are all prostitutes. The Madame of the house agrees to let Junior stay but he has to earn his keep. So she hires him to drive the girls around in a van that is a whore-house on wheels.
Junior soon finds himself outsmarting the rivaling pimp and finds himself falling madly in love with Debbie Osborne as the good girl gone bad.
Two Southern Comedies from exploitation maestro producer Harry Novack chock full of hayseed honeys and redneck rebels.
This Something Weird Video by Image Entertainment comes in a Special Edition. Over 3 1/2 hours of laughter and sex.
Audio Clip.
DVD Special Features Include:
*Films have been Digitally Re-mastered
*Original Theatrical Trailers
*Bonus Corn-Porn Country Trailers for: Country Hookers, The Pigkeeper's Daughter. Sassy Sue, Southern Comforts and Tobacco Roody.
*Country-Style Barry Mahon Short Subject #1: Naked Moonshine (A Personal Favorite of Mine...Very Very Funny)
*Country-Style Coin Drop-Arcade-Loop Short Subject #2: Harriot's Chariot.
*Country-Style Coin Drop-Arcade-Loop Short Subject #3: Forever Angler.
*Gallery of Harry Novak Exploitation Art with Rare Radio Spot Rarities.
*Harry Novak Gallery of Exploitation Photos.
If you have an appetite for some strange old grind house sleeze then you will enjoy this double ditty of celluloid trash.

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