"Crowhaven Farm" & "Dark Secret Of Harvest Home"
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Starring: Hope Lang,Paul Burke,Lloyd Bochner & John Carradine.

Directed By: Walter Grauman

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Hope Lang stars in this tale of supernatural horror and suspense dealing with Reincarnation and Witchcraft.
What starts out as what most of these 70's horror flicks usually do, a married couple inherit a farm.
From the time they move into this quaint quiet little town, Meg Porter (Hope Lang), begins to have recurring nightmares in which a large board is being placed on top of her and a group of what look like pilgrims begin placing stones and rocks on top of her asking her to name the witches.

She does not know what the significance is to these dreams. She then begins to hear and read about Crowhaven Farm as being a place where a long time ago they had crucified and tortured those accused of being witches.
The plot thickens as one of the towns women ask's if Meg and her husband Ben would care for her niece while she goes out of town. Meg agrees to watch the young girl, hoping it will bring her and her husband closer together.

Little do they know what this crazy clan has in store for them. People are not as they appear to be and Meg begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
News comes to the couple that the little girl's aunt that they are caring for was killed in an automobile accident. Meg and her husband agree to have her stay with them. But Meg begins to see through this manipulative and evil girl.

Meg to her surprise finds that she is pregnant. With this new revelation the nightmares increase. She cannot escape these realistic visions of torture, and it is all becoming to real for Meg.


On a stormy windy night, Meg in the mist of one of her nightmares finds herself standing over a cliff as she witnesses the rites of witchcraft in a bloody sacrifice. Now Meg finds that she is awake and that this is no dream. The pressure is too much for Meg as she gives birth to a son. In an attempt to flee these witches she asks her friend to take her away from Crowhaven.
But is her friend really a friend or is she just a witch in disguise. Meg is led right into the hands of witches who have prepared a certain sacrifice of their own.
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"Give us the Child", commands one of the witches. "No, not my baby", screams Meg. The child is then taken away from her and before her is the large board and Rocks that await her fate. Meg screams in horror as the board is placed on top of her. "Finally her fate has come full circle", says the supreme witch. "Meg Carey, you are here before us just like you have been before". "You named the witches and had them burnt and crucified for witchcraft to save thy own soul". The young girl then kneels before meg and tells her that she was the witch she had crucified before and this is her just revenge. "Give me thy soul", the girl says. "No", screams Meg in pure terror. "If not then give me thy husbands, Ben." "Give me his soul and I will let you and your child live."
The Rocks are being placed on top of her and the pain begins to take over her body. What is she to do. Will she die or will she sacrifice all that she loves so that her and her baby can live? In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, with a twist ending this movie is one not to be missed.

This was a 1970's made for T.V Movie and was shown in New York as I remember, on the ABC 4:30 Movie. I remember this movie as being one of the greatest T.V Suspense/Horror films. It was never release on video in the U.S but I was lucky to obtain a copy of this movie. Check your local T.V guide because they just might re-run it on some dark, stormy night...

titles/darks.gif (1978)

Starring: Bette Davis,David Ackroyd,Joanna Miles & Rosanna Arquette

Directed by Leo Penn

Another chilling tale of witchcraft and sacrifices comes to Harvest Home. Bette Davis Stars in this made for T.V. 2 part mini-series.
This eerie thriller along with the above Crowhaven Farm begins almost the same. A young couple (Ackroyd and Miles) inherit a house, (not a farm) but a house in this gem. Along with a very young Rosanna Arquette as their daughter the happy family move into this New England town called, "Harvest Home".

On the day they arrive Bette Davis appears as a mysterious widow all dressed in black with a horrific little bonnet on top her head. She tutors the newcomers in the towns ancient ways. Joanna Miles instantly takes a liking to the towns ways but her husband does not. He begins to see through them and begins to unravel the real mystery that lies in Harvest Home.
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Based on Tom Tyron's chilling best seller. Visit the town of Harvest Home, a place where your worst nightmares will come true.
Available on home video in a cut condensed version.
Although Crowhaven Farm and Harvest Home where made for T.V. movies they would have made for one great night in a Drive-In.

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