"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" & "Stranger Within"
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Kim Darby,Jim Hutton,Barbara Anderson & William Demarest

Directed by John Newland

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In New York, the memories of the ABC 4:30 afternoon movie of the mid 70's early 80's come to mind with this double bill. First up is this horror gem "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" the kind of T.V. movie that they don't make anymore.

Sally and her husband Alex Farnham inherited an old victorian house that holds a deadly secret. In the bowels of a closed up fireplace lurks a horde of hideously evil little creatures, just waiting for someone to open the doorway for another soul for them to take back down their dark hiding place.

Sally (Darby) is curious to why this fireplace is bricked up and locked and ask's the handyman Mr. Harris (Demarest) to help in opening it up. Harris explains that he had closed it up 20 years ago for her grandmother and without any reasons to why and believes if better left to leave alone.

Sally decides to attempt opening it herself, once she succeeds the creatures are set free. They start to roam the dark corners of the house watching and waiting for the right moment to claim their victim.

Fighting with all her might, Sally is drawn into a battle of wills as the satanic demons draw her closer and closer into their underworld.


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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark is unavailable on home video and has been long out of print.

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Barbara Eden,George Grizzard,Joyce Van Patton & David Doyle

Directed by Lee Philips

In the tradition of Rosemary's Baby this made for t.v movie starring, Barbara Eden has become a cult classic over the years.
Ann and David Collins(Barbara Eden and George Gizzard) live quiet and peacefully in their little suburban town until Ann discovers that she is pregnant. The only problem is that her husband has had a vasectomy and Ann insists their is no other man. So who is the father, the only who may know is "The Stranger Within".
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As this frightening tale unfolds Ann's behavior becomes more and more bizzare. Coffee...Coffee..Coffee...Salt...Salt..Salt..with some Raw Meat and Speed Reading makes the campy cult horror a fun and enjoyable ride.

Ann then begins to turn the thermostat to freezing temperatures and has become hyper sensative to noise of any kind. Strange scratches appear on Ann's face and then in an instant they are gone. Ann's pediatrican discovers that the baby is growing three times as fast as a normal baby and has two hearts.

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Written by Richard Matherson ("Twilight Zone" and "The Night Gallery"), The Stranger Within. It Will Be Like No Other Baby On Earth.

Video has been long out of print and hard to find.

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