"Deranged"/&/"Motel Hell"


Starring: Roberts Blossom, Cosette Lee, Micki Moore, Robert Warner and Pat Orr.

Directed By: Jeff Gillen.

Pretty Sally Mae Died A Very Unnatural Death...
But the Worst Hasn't Happened To her Yet!

DVD Information
MGM Home Entertainment
Side one: "Deranged" 16 x 9 1.85:1 - Dolby Digital Mono - Theatrical Trailer.
Side Two: "Motel Hell" 16 x 9 1.85:1 - Dolby Pro-Logic Stereo Surround - Spanish Track - French Track - Theatrical Trailer.
"Deranged" Ratings: Movie= Picture= Sound=
"Motel Hell" Ratings: Movie= Picture= Sound=

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DOUBLE FEATURE - Deranged & Motel Hell - DVD
"Deranged" & "Motel Hell" - Midnite Movie Double Feature DVD

Based on the same terrifying true story that inspired, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Psycho” and “The Silence of the Lambs” this scary and creepy tale tells the story of Ezra, a farmer who is good at making friends...into home furnishings.
A disturbing and haunting film chronicles the day to day life of a rural necrophiliac and murderer. Unable to cope with the death of his mother, Ezra decides to keep her alive by digging up her remains by bringing her dead corpse back home where she belongs
Capturing his victims like wild animal, he then skins them and uses their skin to replace that of his mothers.
Soon Ezra finds himself in a house filled with rotting and decaying corpses. A solid horror story that takes you into the mind of a psychotic and disturbed killer. Based on the real life story of murderer Ed Geins, “Deranged” is guaranteed to make you bite your nails...because if you don't, Ezra will!

Motel Hell


Starring: Rory Calhoun, Paul Linke, Nancy Parsons, Nina Axelrod and Wolfman Jack.

Directed By: Kevin Connor.

It Takes All Kind Of Critters To Make Farmer Vincent Fritters!
Meat's Meat and a Man's Gotta Eat!

Meet Farmer Vincent and his charming sister Ida. Come and taste their famous smoked meat. Special ingredients makes Farmer Vincents meat taste so special. Come and find what his secret recipe is. But BEWARE you may not like what you find.

Farmer Vincent along with his crazed sister Ida are famous for their special smoked meat. Unsuspecting travelers are trapped like critters by the wild duo and are taken to their garden and buried alive until they are ready to be stripped and smoked.
With their vocal cords and tongues removed our victims are left helpless buried in their garden. As they scream for help, their animal like sounds go unanswered. Buried alive in a field from hell. Tortured like wild hog. And cooked like only Farmer Vincent knows how.
Audio Clip.
A funny and sick horror tale that may make you think twice before checking into a motel. This movie is one of the reasons why I had not eaten meat for a long time. Now 22 years later, “Motel Hell” still remains to be a cult favorite of many. It's weird combination of horror of and comedy give it that extra kick. “Motel Hell” has all the ingredients for a fun and creepy film.

Long out of print on VHS "Deranged" is Now Available for the first time on DVD by MGM HOME ENTERTAINMENT as part of their new Midnight Movies Double Feature collection.
On the flip side of this bargain DVD you'll find the better of the two "Motel Hell".
"Deranged" never looked as good as it does now on this DVD, Though it does suffer from a considerable amount of grain and faded coloring, but this is most likely the fault of the original film elements used back when the film was produced in 1974.
Included is the films original Theatrical Trailer.
"Motel Hell" Looked much better but also contained some noticeable grain throughout the films running time.
Still this transfer was better then the previous VHS release. Included is the films original Theatrical Trailer.
all and all this is a great value DVD under $20 for 2 movies on one disc.

All box art and Photographs used are Copyright © 2001 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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