Last House on the Left & Don't Look In The Basement
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UPDATE:Great News!!! MGM Will be releasing a restored Unrated version of "Last House..." on August 27th 2002! on DVD.
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Starring: David Hess, Lucy Grantham, Sandra Cassel and Mark Sheffler.

Directed by Wes Craven

"To Avoid Fainting Keep Repeating

When Mari and Phyllis go on a search for some marijuana for a rock concert to celebrate Mari's birthday, they get more than what they bargain for when they run into a group of Crazy..Mad..Lunatics..who are wanted criminals on the run. This disturbing and graphic film takes you into the minds of some sick twisted individuals who kidnap these girls and Rape, Humiliate, Torture and finally Murder them in this classic shocker.It's only a movie...

Ironicly this is all done just feet away from young Mari's home which is, The Last House on the Left..which is actually the only house you you really don't know if its the house on the right, left, middle or the only house in that damn town.IT'S ONLY A MOVIE!!

After a refreshing dip in the local pond the wild bunch clean themselves up and head on over to That Last House on the Left. Mari's mother answers the door and the bunch explain that their car broke down..what's a woman to do..but invite them to stay the night..I don't know about you but I would not be pulling out my cot for some hoodlums and a wild looking chic..It's only a movie... After cooking up a home cooked meal from good ole mom, she discovers the necklace she gave Mari for her birthday on the neck of one of the killers. Mom then goes investigating and finds bloody clothes in the groups suitcase. It's only a movie... What's a mother to do but go get hubby and start seaching for their daughter.

Racing through the woods they find their mari dead. It's only a movie... Dad then schemes to get revenge on these criminal hippies by setting traps and gets his riffle and chainsaw ready. Wire, Water and Electricity what a combination.. Mom on the other hand has other things in mind..She seduces one of them by taking him down by the pool and bites down more than she can chew.It's only a Movie...

Directed by Wes Craven(Scream & Nightmare on elm street). Roger Ebert gave this one a thumbs up which is shocking alone. To this day this film remains as one of the most disturbing and shocking horror film in history. This film is out of print on video. In the mid 80's it was available in two different versions one cut down to 82 minutes and one supposedly the uncut version clocking at 83 minutes. The actual uncut version ran 91 minutes and contained more violence..this is the directors original vision it has rarely been seen and has been long sought after by fans of Craven. There is another version of the film that was available overseas which runs 84 minutes. "Last House on the Left" has also been banned in the U.K. and Australia.

Plus 2nd Big Hit


Staring Camilla Carr,Jessie lee Fulton & Rosie Holotik

Directed by S.F.Brownrigg

To Avoid Fainting Keep Repeating:"It's Only A Movie...It's Only A Movie...It's only A Movie"

From the makers of "Last House on the Left", Don't look in the Basement from cult film director S.F.Brownrigg takes you into the minds of the criminally insane. When doctor stevens is axed the insane take over..inmates begin to act out their psychotic delusions.

When the new R.N appears Nurse Charolette, things really start to go nuts as the inmates take over this hallowed institution by it's most crazed and violent inhabitants. Dr.Geraldine Masters takes over after the loss of Dr.Stevens. She tries to keep everything in control but just how can she tame and keep the secret from Nurse Charolette. Nurse Charolette is warned to leave "Get Out, Get Out and Never Return", by one of the insane inmates, but she is determined to stay and help.

Dr.Masters runs the institution the best she can until she can't keep a grip on things. In it's shocking conclusion, this twist ending makes you wonder who is sane and who is insane. One of the best movies from it's day, this low budget horror remains a cult classic. Once double billed with "Last House on the Left", "Don't Look in the Basement", the day the insane took over the asylum! "It's only a movie..."IT's only a movie..."IT's only a movie..."

"Don't Look in the Basement" Is avalible on DVD and VHS from VCI Home Entertainment.

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