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Starring: Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce, Holden McQuire, Billy Ray McQuire & Rose Ross

Directed By Charles Kaufman, Produced by Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz

DVD Information:
Full Frame (unmatted) - Dolby Digital Mono - Director's Commentary + more
Troma Team Video Release.

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"I'm so proud of my boys, they never forget their momma."

Most mother's are usually sweet, caring and loving creatures. In Mother's Day our mother is all of the above and so much more. This little hum ditty begins off in the woods on the skirts of New Jersey. We are attending a AA meeting and we are introduced to our film's most sweetest wholesome mother.

At the meeting Mother meets with two hippies who exclaim that they need a ride. No need to fear because mother is here. Mother being the caring person that she is insists that she gives the two a ride. On their way, car trouble surfaces and we immediately fear that mom is in danger from her two companions. A twist in the plot and in enters Mama's Boy's. They will do anything their mother commands and this mother wants everyone dead. "That's my Boy's," mother laughs as they take one of the riders head off and brutally try to rape and finally snuff out our female hippie's last breath. Picture then freezes on mom and some very strange electronic music begins to play. Next scene we meet 3 girls all in their 20's. They receive a mysterious telegram and are estatic to find that the time has come once again for the annual Rat Pack Reunion. These 3 ex-college roomates also known as the Rat Pack plan a mysterious trip somewhere that is a surprise to all. This year Bev has planned a camping trip to? guessed it.....New Jersey.

Our 3 little charlies angels...oopps I mean girls... are all unique and have their own emotional problems. Bev living in New York seems to be the independent one who has a horrible boyfriend that users and steals from her but she still loves him anyway. Then we have our sexy blonde who is rich and living in California and who by the ways strikes a remarkable resemblance to Stella Stevens(Arnold and Poseidon Adventure). Then we have our most troublesome out of all the girls. A little on the nerdy side with a mother from hell. As she walks in her home you could hear her mother screaming and cursing at her in a constant rhythm that would drive anyone insane. But today she does not care. Her telegram has arrived and off she goes into the woods with the Rat Pack. They all reunite.... Smoke a little pot.... Do a little skinny dipping and roast some marshmallows. They then try to scare one another in an attempt to scare the audience with a fake knife in the back and jumping out of the bushes. While they are all nice and cozy in their sleeping bags, we are surprised to find an attack has begun and they are zipped up into their bags and dragged across the floor screaming and punching in horror. A shot of a house in the woods and as we enter we find mother rocking in her chair. First mother is mad. "Boy's are you forgetting something?", she exclaims. The foolish boys had forgotten to wipe their feet before entering the house and give their little ole mama a kiss. "Now, let's see what you got in the bag", mother demands.

Out of the bag's cursing and screaming our girls are released. Bound and gagged the torture begins. As mother commands, Bev will be the first one the boys could play with but they must exercise first then they could have fun with the girls later. The boys exercise and begin to play with our prisoned females. Just then a scream from mother. The boys go rushing to her. "It's Queenie...It was Queenie I tell you!", she screams out loud. Who is Queenie you may ask? Mother will tell you. "Queenie was born with hair golden white". "She was evil from the time she was born". "Queenie was my sister and she is out to get me". Mother is upset with the boys for not being there to protect her from her evil sister Queenie. To add Queenie only lives in the woods not 50 yards from where mother and boys live. I don't know about you but if I were mother, I would move. Is Queenie really out there, the director makes you wonder. Or is Queenie dead like they boys say.
Now it's showtime. Bev our star who is chosen by mother for the boys fun is taken outside to partake in a little brutality. The remaining two girls have a good view of the show from the upstairs window and what a show it is. They rape her right in front of mother then beat her all according to mother's approval. What horror...What sick demented people they all are...Our heroines have to escape. In an attempt to break themselves free they are suddenly halted by the clan. Meanwhile it's now bedtime and mother yell's at her son's. "Better lock the windows and doors tonight, Queenie is out there...I just know it." Electronic Music plays again and to bed they go. Meanwhile, our girls finally break free. They go roaming the house to find that there friend Bev is still alive and placed in a dresser. The girls with all their might lift her up and carry her out of the house. Into the woods they go...struggling carrying their friend to safety. When they get deep enough into the woods...they lay their friend down and cover her with leaves and branches in an attempt not to be seen. The girls combat themselves up. Axe in hand...Bandana on the head they head back to mother's house.

In conclusion, Revenge is Sweet. And it has never been so sweet as in Mother's Day. I must admit though that I did feel a little bad for mother. She kind of grew on me and was so cute in her little sick psychotic way. With it's famous shocking ending Mother's Day left you with a jolt of both laughter and excitement. For an Independent film directed by Charles Kauffman brother of Lyodd Kauffman of Troma, Mother's Day was right at the beginning of the some of the best horror films ever to hit the screen. It did not have a budget like Halloween or Friday the 13th, but had good acting and a very likeable cast. Mother was stupendous. I was just recently surprised to see that she had played lucillle on the t.v show "Car 54 Where Are You"? She was simply perfect the part as Mother. She was cute and crazy looking at the same time and acted more natural than any other crazy mother in film's history. Not counting Betsy Palmer in Friday the 13th who is my all time favorite. Our lead girls also did a fine acting job as well. So in conclusion if you haven't seen "Mother's Day" yet, take it home on DVD today. In the tradition of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mother's Day will leave you frightened, amused, and downright disgusted.
Troma brings us a DVD full of some fun craziness..that as expected is insane. Included with this DVD of "Mother's Day" you'll find the director's commentary. I beleive it is the same commentary of it's Laserdisc release of a couple of years ago. It's not as good as i hoped it to be. 2 interview's with the director, Trailers for other Troma flicks..BUT not one for "Mother's Day" and that's a disapointment!, How the tromites celebrate Mother's Day, An introduction to the film by the king of Tromavlle Lloyd Kaufman and The Radiation March which is on every Troma DVD. The picture on this DVD is an improvement over the old 80's Media Home Entertainment release. The sound was as expected for an early 80's low buget horror flick and wasn't bad. All and all i enjoyed this disc though maybe some deleted scenes, A much better commentary track and some of the films Trailers would have made this DVD a complete Special Edition. recommended!

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