Starring: Tim Curry - Trini Alvarado & Robin Johnson

Directed by:Allan Moyle

DVD Information

Anchor Bay Entertainment - 16 x 9 Enhanced of aspect ratio 1:85.1 - Dolby Digital 5.1 - Dolby Stereo 2.0 - Audio Commentary with Director Allan Moyle and Robin Johnson - Theatrical Trailer - Original Theatrical Poster Replica on a insert card.

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Actually filmed on the streets of New York City in the late 70's, we can journey back to a place filled with porn theatres, hookers, runaways, dealers, junkies, strippers and con artists. Now cleaned up since Disney took over Times Square. This movie forever freezes that certain time and place. Two teenage girls Nicky(Robin Johnson) and Pamela(Trini Alvarado), happen to meet in a mental hospital. Nicky being the wild runaway living on the streets of New York. While Pamela being the daughter of a prominent politician who just can't take it anymore. The two flee the institution and take on the streets of the Big Apple where anything can happen.
Johnny LaGuardia(Tim Curry) plays a radio D.J who reads a letter sent in by Pamela over the radio. Johnny instantly becomes infatuated with Pamela and her cries for help. When he airs this over the airwaves the people of New York become interested. Meanwhile, crazy Nicky has plans of her own.   When she get's Pam an audition at a strip bar as a dancer, Pam tells the manager that she will not go topless. The manager agrees to give her a chance. (Yeah..Right). After giving a horrible dance audition she is instantly hired. Nicky then comes back to the strip club with her and starts singing with the band. So now we have a dancer who doesn't take her clothes off dancing in a strip club. Then we have a singer who sings Punk Rock in a strip club. She begins by calling the two of them the "Sleez Sisters". They then begin to throw T.V's off of large buildings to make some noise.  
This is where in my opinion I keep asking myself..could this movie get any worse. The two now decide to take Nicky's great talent to the radio station. D.J Johnny puts them live on the air. Nicky delivers a message to the people of N.Y. that the "Sleez Sisters" are taking over the city. She then performs on the air and the people of N.Y. suddenly become obsessed with them. They suddenly become these bonnie and clyde characters of the late 70's. Meanwhile Pamela's father begins to put out posters for his runaway daughter everywhere. When the two spot these posters they begin to draw masks around their eye's to make them look like real bandits. Suddenly the people of New York begin to dress like them. Nicky is becoming an underground hit while Pamela is battling her decision is she should stay or go home.
Nicky becomes miserable. She is possibly losing her best friend. She takes her tears to airwaves once again. Pamela then announces on the radio that Nicky will be giving a performance in times square at midnight. On top of a large marquee, Nicky begins to tell the enormous crowd that has gathered about the great friendship she had made with Pamela. She then goes into a song. Suddenly the cops arrive. Will she turn herself in or will she escape into the night into the heart of the city forever. Was the movie stupid? Yes. Was the movie pointless? Yes. Was the movie fun? Yes. This is not a movie to be taken seriously. It's just a teenage movie that really has no plot but has enjoyable characters. If you want to journey back to Times Square when it was covered with sleeze and freedom then see this movie, But do not take this movie seriously. Just sit back...relax...and go back to the real Times Square.
Though the film definitely has a lesbian theme to it. It seems that the studio had cut all of the scenes with gay intent but fails even with the scenes cut. The DVD commentary given by director Allan Moyle and star Robin Johnson(Pam) say how the studio had cut this movie and the director of the movie has not watched it since he made it until now. Unfortunately the cut material had been swept away on the cutting room floor and we will never see what the director has truly visioned. Anchor Bay did try to find the lost footage to this film, but seems to be lost forever. Maybe it is hidden in some time capsule in the heart of Times Square.   Robin Johnson who is now a traffic reporter in L.A went to an open audition through word from a friend. With no acting experience she was hired and gives a funny and natural feel to the character of Nicky.
The newly released DVD is presented in it's original Widescreen Presentation(1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 T.V's. A new very impressive Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo Surround track, and contains an Audio Commentary by Director Allan Moyle and Star Robin Johnson. The disc also contains the original Theatrical Trailer as well. Anchor Bay provides us with another great transfer. When compared the old Thorn/Emi video with it's very murky and faded look, The DVD corrects this with a more vibrant picture. Though the film looks it's age and suffers from some grain, but it benefits to the movie's atmosphere of the gritty city streets. I wish the Directors Cut of this film was included to see the how different this film is, since the studio re-cut and added their own alternative shot footage to try and make a big commercial film. The film turned out to a major flop at the box office in turn became a cult film. The film has been a favorite of the lesbian community through out the 80's and early 90's.

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