"The Thing With Two Heads"/&/"The Village of the Giants"
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Starring: Ray Milland and Rosey Grier

Directed By: Lee Frost

They Share the Same Body...But Hate Each Other's Guts!
MGM Home Entertainment - Aspect ratio 1:85.1 - Dolby Digital Mono - Theatrical Trailer.
Ratings: Movie= Picture= Sound=

This has to be the king of bad 'b' movies to hit the 70's and one of American International Pictures best of their worst in exploitation Drive-In corn.
Max Kirshner (Ray Milland), a bigoted transplant surgeon develops a procedure in which he can transplant the head of one living thing to another. He first experiments on two gorillas. A gorilla with two heads is caged in the doctors underground labortory. Something goes wrong and the furry creature breaks loose and escapes. The gorilla then hits the town and heads straight for a supermarket. They trap the beast in the supermarket and find it munchin on some bannanas.
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Meanwhile, the doctor learns that he is dying himself. He calls another doctor to his sick bed and tells that he only has a short time to live. He then convinces the doctor to perform the surgery on him. After some hesitation the doctor agrees. Now they must find a body so they can transplant the doctors head on. They go to death row and ask the inmates if anyone would like to donate their body to science. Jack Moss (Rosie Grier), who is being put in the electric chair agrees to go along with the experiment. Back at the doctors the operation is about to begin. They will transplant the head of the doctor onto the body of Jack Moss. The only thing is that after they transplant the doctors head, the two heads will have to share a body for 28 days so it can grow strong. When the doctor awakes and sees that he has the hand of a big black male he exclaims, "Is this some sort of joke". The doctor is not too happy and neither is jack.
A nurse enters the room while the two headed monster is sleeping. Jack wakes up and attacks her. He grabs a gun and takes another doctor hostage. The chase is now on and this wacky and crazy duo is on a fast paced journey. Jack wants his freedom and the doctor wants the body. The two are at odds and this odd couple is on the run. Filled with lots of camp and humor, "The Thing With Two Heads" , is a hysterical double header of both horror and fun. Hailed by Leonard Maltin as a fantastic tale of excellent effects with lots of tongue and cheek humor. Utterly hilarious...Lots of fun...raved the Los Angeles Times. As I recall even Elvira:Mistress of the Dark once said that that it was one of her favorite movies, but maybe that was just because of the title alone. Don't miss "The Thing With Two Heads", Get ready to laugh your head off.
DVD Information
Even though this DVD isn't Anamorphic(16 x 9) enhanced, MGM delivers a very clean, colorful and sharp picture. The audio is very clean and sharp. The only extra included is the films original trailer which is hilarious. Overall this DVD is a great buy for a great BAD movie. Highly Recomended!


Starring: Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford and Ronny Howard.

Produced and Directed By: Bert l. Gordon

No One Pushes These Kids Around Anymore!

MGM Home Entertainment - Full Frame - Dolby Digital Mono.
Ratings: Movie= Picture= Sound=

Based on H.G. Well's "The Food of the Gods", "Village of the Giants" is a fun and amusing tale of what happens when a small town group of teenagers are suddenly transformed to Gigantic Goliaths. A boy genius (Ron Howard) is a scientific wizard. He develops a "Goo", that turns things to enormous levels. A stray cat enters the basement where he is experimenting and the cat takes a bite of the Goo. Suddenly he is a very large cat. The family laughs at what has occured and takes the Goo outside and feed it to their ducks. Suddenly we now have 2 very large ducks.
Meanwhile, a group of teenagers crash their car on the side of the road. Suddenly they begin to emerge from the upside down vehicle. They instantly begin dancing and frolicking in the rain. With beers in hand these teenagers really know how to swing it up. They see a sign that says Hainesville 3 miles. The teenagers agree to head to the town. Once in the town they find a bar. They begin dancing and grooving some more. Just then the boys parents enter the bar with the 2 large ducks. This doesn't upset the teenagers much. The ducks can't resist the music and they begin dancing right along with these wacky teens. The parents then invite this group back to their house for another little shing dig. Once at the party they roast the 2 large ducks and have a feast.
These teens have something more up their sleeve. They want to take the Goo and become gigantic rebels who are tired of being told what and what not to do. They take the Goo and grow to an abundant size. Their clothes are ripped off them so they make their own clothes out of curtains. They head into town and the town folk gather together to see these giants. These giants only want to have fun, of course they begin to dance again. It seems that that is all they really want to do. Dance...dance..and dance some more. The townspeople are up in arms and the battle begins. Meanwhile back home, the boy genius creates a formula to make these large rebel rousters small again. Will he save the town from this group of swinging groovy giants? Don't miss this fun and very enjoyable camp film of youth gone wild.
DVD Information: This films transfer was a major disapointment. The picture is full screen and in certan scenes(mainly the first 20 minutes) look sqeezed in from it's original aspect ratio. The colors appear to be washed out and lifeless. The audio was a tad lacking in clearity but understandible. Overall i can only recommend the film for what it is.. A true bad cinema experience that you will enjoy for a few laughs.

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